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Report Types & Costs
Select the type of report you require. Prices are GST inclusive.
For a Fast Track LIM please select the Residential LIM option and and pay the default fee of $426.50. After completing the application please contact City Compliance & Consents LIM Team on 04 801 4303, or email, requesting that the Fast Track option be used. At that time, or the next working day, you will be contacted and asked to pay the additional fee of $212.75. Fast Track LIMs will not be released until this additional fee is paid.
If you require a Property Report for a unit or flat on a property that contains more than two household units on the lot please contact City Compliance & Consents LIM Team on 04 801 4303, or email or complete the following form enclosing the requisite fee
Property Report Application Form(120Kb PDF)

Where process time exceeds 7 hours for a LIM the additional charge will be $132.00 per hour, plus material costs. In this unusual event you will be contacted and invoiced separately for this amount.

This service accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

LIM Reports

A Title (Computer Freehold Register) is required when applying for a LIM report. Your request can't proceed without the Title, and the Title can't be more than 3 months old.

These can be purchased online through Land Information New Zealand (LINZ):

LINZ website

Titles can be attached electronically or emailed

Email Title:

  • If using this option the title must be emailed within 1 working day of submitting this application.
  • Quote the SR number, included on the confirmation you'll receive at the end of this process


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